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What is happiness? How happy am I? What is the key to happiness?

These are all questions we ask ourselves in life, and definitely some I've been asking myself in the last year. But until I read an article about happiness, I hadn't really focused on it properly. I think it really made me ask myself these questions. In this article, it showed me some very surprising facts that I think are really key an worth knowing, just to keep your mind grounded. We get so caught up with all of the negatives in our lives, making this blog post is me trying to release myself from that and to try to release others from it too. You see, the UK is said to be number 19 in the world happiness report for 2017. Now I didn't even know this was a thing, but apparently it is, even if it does sound ridiculous. Did you know that Norway is the happiest country in the world? Closely followed by Denmark, Iceland and Switzerland. What is also very coincidental is three of these countries are also filled …

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