MENORCA - Travel Diary #3

~ Day 5 ⧫ 14/07/17 ⧫ ULTIMATE chill day ~

Now, that title may have been a white lie, but in all my innocence, Thursday was one of the chilled days we had. As a true homebody at heart, it would be detrimental to the homebody community to not spend at least half of one day at "home" so we or I did. Noticing some slight aggravation to my skin on Thursday I decided to give the chlorine miss because I was determined eczema wouldn't ruin my holiday. It was quite surprising as I've had quite a good six months with no big set backs but I soon realised that was probably due to being all pumped up on steroids after a couple of chest infections. Anyway! Quite a tangent that was but I like to be thorough in explanations!!!

Friday morning started off late for my family as we were quite exhausted from the past nights comedic goings on. We took our time getting dressed and going to breakfast then strolled down to the Marina where we did some tourist-ing. This consisted of taking numerous pictures, souvenir-ing, looking at the restaurants menus, collecting leaflets from the water sports huts and exploring. On the way back to the resort we stopped for a pot of ice cream which was delicious and then we sauntered back in the not-so-deathly-now 32℃ heat.
After having a little light homemade lunch my parents and my sister went to the water park and I stayed in the apartment for most of the afternoon. I read one of mums books for an hour and in typical Lottie style, my arms got chilly so I went and sat in bed to read for a further half an hour. Then I found my Wi-Fi spot, by the front door, caught up with the bestie and watched some YouTube and bam two more hours passed and my family came home from the water park.

After dinner we sat with my parents newly acquired bffs and watched the evening show which was a love story through dance. My sister and I went back to the apartment early to read and eventually go to sleep.

~ Day 6 ⧫ 15/07/17 ⧫ Beach Day ~

Our second to last day started with breakfast at around 9:30 am in preparation for the beach day!!! After breakfast we smothered ourselves in sun cream gathered all our things and walked down to the marina. From the marina we walked through some streets I cannot pronounce which housed hotels and villas and found the fist beach. The first beach was extremely crowded so we walked along a little boardwalk to the cliffs and continued to follow a very unsafe path to the next beach.

When we got to the next beach which  I think was called Platja de Son Xoriguer and was considerably bigger my parents set our bags down and bought a little umbrella which surprisingly we managed to get home without it breaking. immediately my family got into the sea and stayed there for 4-5 hours with breaks for water under our little umbrella. I however placed my towel in the shade of a little water sports hut where I read one of mums books and actually finished. For me, although the sea was beautiful I had just as much fun reading and people watching. I also think the time alone meant I didn't go bat shit crazy either.

At around 1:20 pm we ate our stolen egg sandwiches' which mum deliciously made out of boiled eggs we stole from breakfast and the bread and mayo we had at the apartment, that along with some stolen fruit made us a very delicious lunch.

We returned to the apartment at around 3 o'clock and my parents and sister went to the water park because the obviously didn't get enough eater for the day and I stayed at the apartment. I'm pretty sure I had a nap because the walk to the beach was quite long especially in the heat even though we had mostly got used tot he heat.

At 5 o'clock we walked down to the marina and had a look around the shop and ate a lovely meal from a steak house called Toro Negro which I hesitantly translate to Black Bull (my Spanish is very very bad).

After our meal we walked around the marina and found a evening/night market where a white haired man called Paco made us little leather bracelets and I got a hair wrap whilst my sister got a henna tattoo on her foot.

By the time we had waited in line and got all our buys it was close to midnight. Even at midnight it was still deliciously warm and by the time we walked back to the apartment we were definitely ready to sleep.

~ Day 7 ⧫ 16/07/17 ⧫ Miscellaneous Day ~

We got up at 9:30 in the morning and went for breakfast not knowing what to do with our day. After breakfast we tidied the apartment and gather our stuff ready to pack later. At 11:30 am the hotel entertainers held an air rifle shooting so we joined that and did o' so badly.

After a light lunch, we went to the water park for the last time. At around 4 o'clock I went back to the apartment and had a shower, slathered myself in eczema cream and snuggled in my pyjamas. A little while later I decided to pack my suitcase and after that I read the rest of another book and chilled until my family came back.

When my family returned we went to dinner and watched the last show with my parents new bffs. At 11 pm we had an "early" night in preparation for the next day.

~ Day 8 ⧫ 17/07/17 ⧫ Home Time ~

We woke up at 5 am and the hotel//resort did us a little breakfast which tied us over. We were scheduled for a mini bus at 6:30 am which we happily sat outside and watched the sun rise while waiting for it. When the mini bus arrived, which wasn't a mini bus it was a full on coach we started our 1 and a half our journey east to the capital Mahon. This is quite confusing to write because the airport said Mahon which is also what people called it but all road signs and maps say Maó. This is similar for most places so I might be very wrong form what it looks like. For example, Where we stayed had many  expressions, Cala en Bosch, Cala en Bosc, Cala'n Bosch, these are all I can think  of off the top of my head.

We arrived at the airport at around 8 o'clock and camped at the airport until 9:05 which was when we could board the plane. The plane took off at around 10 am and we safely arrived in England at around 11 am because of the time difference. the beautiful thing about being in the sky is the little snowflakes that form on the windows because its so cold up that high.

By the time we had collected our bags and the car we set off for home at around 12 pm. We got home at 2 ish and my sister and mum both had a shower whilst I had a nap. We also found that my dad had turned all the electricity off which meant all of the contents of the fridge freezer had been sitting in almost 25℃  heat for a week. We have been home for a couple of weeks and have cleaned the fridge about 5 times and it still smells.

So after all that, we set off to my nans to collect our doggy and hamster. Nan (bless her soul) made us dinner which was so nice to have proper English food. We gave nan and bumps <<(don't ask) their presents and went home to the comfort of our own beds and that's the end of our holiday!

Thank you for reading this blog post took a hot minute to make! xxx
My next post is also holiday themed so don't forget to stop by soon!!



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