MENORCA - Travel Diary #2

~ Day 3 ⧫ 12/07/17 ⧫ Swim and Explore Day ~

At 8:30 am I woke up to the sound of tropical birds singing their Mediterranean song just outside the window. Actually, I'm lying. I woke up to my sister bending down telling me to wake up, my mum asking for the sun cream and the trickle of water that streamed through the pipes that lined in between the wall of the bedroom and the bathroom. You could say chaos, if you lived alone, but living as a family of four with one bathroom and only two consecutive rooms, I would call it a calm chaos. Its impossible to have one ounce of 1) privacy and 2) sanity. Needless to say, although I had an amazing time, I am so grateful to be back in the comfort of my own room without half naked family members walking in and out. 

After getting dressed and having breakfast, we took a bus into one of the three major cities in Menorca, the Ciutadella. The bus journey took about 25 minutes although one ticket was 1.95€ and they only offered single tickets. So by doing the maths I don't actually think it was too big of a hole in our pockets but definitely something to consider when looking at holidaying in Menorca.

While in the Ciutadella, we visited the Cathederal and the El Socors Convent which were both absolutely beautiful. My only disclaimer is that on that day, it was about 32℃ and surprisingly, the Cathederal wasn't a fridge like our English ones are. This meant that after abut and hour and a half, we were pretty much sweating like pigs and dying from the heat so we didn't spend as much time as we wanted to looking at the amazing places and exploring the city. I did happen to capture some beautiful shots that I will of course share with you.

We arrived "home" to our heavenly air conditioned apartment at abut 1:25 pm and like the day before we enjoyed a lunch of wholemeal bread and deli meats as well as our stolen fruit from breakfast.

Again we took advantage of the Aqua rock water park and spent some time swimming and cooling off and at around 4 o'clock I returned back to the apartment to have some much needed alone time. I spent around an hour and a half reading, watching YouTube in the only spot that got Wi-Fi and snacking on some Spanish lady fingers which surprisingly aren't good to snack on, I ended up eating the while bag and still being able to eat dinner.

Boringly, we went to dinner and came back to go to sleep. Incidentally, I had managed to grab one of my mums books and got so stuck into it I ended up going to sleep at around 1 am. but its holiday so its ok! right?

~ Day 4 ⧫ 13/07/17 ⧫ Sea Adventure Day ~

On this day, we didn't have the luxury of sleeping in because we had a boat to catch! After getting up at 7 am, promptly suncreaming and getting ready we got to breakfast as early as possible (8 am) and left the resort with my parents new bffs at 9:15 to ensure a good seat on the boat.

The trip overall was just under 4 hours long and we visited 15 beaches where the boat stopped for us to take pictures and to look out there was one beach stop where the boat stopped for one hour and we had the option of staying on, swimming to the beach or walking to it on the rocks. The beach we stopped at was called Cala en Turqueta and we decided to have a swim and I am so proud to say that I swam from the boat to the shore and back! This may seem very trivial but it wasn't until I got into the water until I freaked out. For one, the water was so clear that you could see right to the bottom which was really beautiful. But at the bottom was a mixture of rocks, sand, fishes and seaweed which all made funny shapes and shadows. The shadows really scared me as I have watched The Shallows, and Jaws for that matter and really didn't want to be eaten by a shark on holiday. As well as being a very unconfident swimmer (i.e. never actually got let out of the baby pool in school swimming lessons( you know, the one that barely goes past you waist ( I know its pathetic, it really is))) I managed to swim the 400m from boat to shore AND BACK without shedding a tear. Although I don't think I smiled once until I was stood next to my mum in the parts of the water where I could stand it was still and amazing experience even if it left me jelly legged afterwards. What I did neglect to tell you is that, the first time I got in, I absolutely freaked out choked on the seawater and promptly got back onto the boat. But the second time I managed to calm myself with very noisy deep breaths which kind of made me look very off my rocker but everyone has their fears right??

After the beach stop, we ad a little interlude while the boat travelled to a cave where there was a 15 minute cave swim where you could swim into the cave which I opted out of. I actually think I made the right choice as 1) there ended up being no place to sit or hold onto for a rest and 2) there was only 15 minutes and being the very shit swimmer I am, I would probably spend ten minutes getting in the cave and I definitely didn't want to be left behind.

We returned to Cala en Bosch at around 1:50pm and my crazy family decided to go to the water park for another swim. While they spent and hour and a half in more water, I decided to have a shower, chill, read and sit by the front door which was the only place I could get Wi-Fi in the end.

After going to dinner, we sat outside with my parents new bffs and watched the hotel entertainers. The did a comedy show that night which was very good but made us stay up wayyyyy too late!

(Just so you know, writing these posts makes me feel extremely cozy as I pretend to be back there basking in the shade with the heat of the air like a warm blanket around me. I'm so glad I did this, reminiscing brings a sort of calmness over me, even if my brain is not so calm right now, thank you, whoever you are, for being the reason I decided to write these posts)

On a lighter note, or a lighter thank you, (god i've been so serious lately) thank you for reading! Look forward to another post in a couple of days!!



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