MENORCA - Travel Diary #1

Helllo!!! I'm back from my amazing week away in Menorca sporting my very own version of a tan! (i.e. extremely pale skin with 40% more freckles on my hands, face, knees, chest and arms) Yippeeeee! What makes it a little embarrassing is I'm sat in my little corner practically bragging at my production of more freckles whereas my family, sort of don't look like my family. They look like they've lived in the Mediterranean their whole lives. In fact, I'm fine with my "Scandinavian looks", one day pale skin will be cool again and i'll revel in it! Any way, aside form looks I need to tell you about my amazing trip! Depending on the depth of detail, each entry could include two or three days or just one explaining my adventures but I assure you, there are plenty of pictures!

~ Day 1 ⧫ 10/07/17 ⧫ Travel and chill day ~

Day one started off with an early rise at 1am so we could make the hour or so journey to the airport. After parking the car and making our way to check our bags it was around 2:45 am and we had an interesting time in security with my sister forgetting she had liquids in her carryon after relentlessly reminding all of us weeks before of what we could and couldn't have in our carryon's.

After that we made our way through the incredibly tempting and strategically placed duty free and found a Burger King to eat a very healthy meal of deep fried potato and breaded chicken. The time was nearing to 4:35 am as we sluggishly waited for information abut our gate to appear on the big screens. Our flight boarded around 5:30 am and we began a gruelling hour waiting to take off and 2 hour 11 minute flight to the capital of Menorca, Mahon.

We eventually arrived in Mahon at around 8:30 am our time and 9:30 am Menorcan time. After grabbing our bags we found our mini bus that drove us the 1 hour 20 minute drive over to the western side of the island where our apartment resort was located. We arrived at our resort (Marinda Garden Hotel) at around 11:30 am and luckily didn't need anything to eat thanks to our lovely breakfast on the plane. Here some of the many pictures I managed to grab while on the mini bus. The bottom centre picture shows part of our resort and the rest show the rural landscapes and views that we got to see on the journey.

By booking our trip through Thomas Cook, we fortuned on free access to the conjoined water park and so spent time there swimming and sun bathing or shade bathing for me. After returning to our lavishly air-conditioned apartment at around 4:15 pm and finding ourselves STARVING we passed time by showering and reading and I think napping too. Dinner started at 7 pm which wasn't fun waiting for since all my life we have always been an early rising family that ate earlier rather than later and went to bed earlier too so for the wee our lifestyles changed to rising later eating later and sleeping later. For reference, my best friend can vouch that I am usually in bed by 9 or 10 pm and while in Menorca, I was going to sleep between 12 and 2 am.

After dinner, we went for a little walk to explore our little area of where our resort was which was called Cala en Bosch. The amazing thing to point out about Menorca is although they have no rules on smoking and that it is acceptable for someone to smoke nearly anywhere, the streets are impeccably clean and not once did I see a stray crisp packet or fag end anywhere which is really welcoming from my tourist-y view.

~ Day 2 ⧫ 11/07/11 ⧫ Shop Swim and Explore day ~

On day two we all woke up at around 8:30 am with mum panicking that we would miss breakfast and later being relieved that it finishes at 10 am giving us plenty of time and no reason to rush, we did so anyway! At 10 am there was a Thomas Cook Rep meeting that showed us things to do around the island and presented us with a fountain of knowledge around the island also answering any questions we had too. While discussing a Shop and Sail boat trip that both me and my sister were very interested in, a middle aged man approached my family and informed us of a glass bottom boat trip that they had booked to do that was around 40€ cheaper  per person than the Thomas Cook one although it omitted the chance to actually shop so you choose! After teasing my parents that they had now made new bffs with the man his wife and one of their six sons, we strolled down to the marina to check out the trip. We ended up booking the trip for the same day as the couple and continued to look around the shops all tourist-y.

Also, being half board and bot wanting to stuff ourselves at breakfast and dinner meant that by 1 pm we were all very hungry so we bought some bread, some sketchy Spanish crisps and some deli meats and ate those in our apartment when we got back. By then it was around 2 pm and we then plastered ourselves with suncream and went to the water park for a further 3 or 4 hours. when we came back we all showered and plastered ourselves with after sun instead of suncream and my parents left for a Somni Spanish Stallion Horse show at 6:30 pm. My sister and I then went to dinner and read for most of the evening until our parents came back at 11 pm. Then we went to bed!

Thank you very much for reading, I didn't realise how much work a travel diary would be but I am so glad I did this not only for my benefit of being able to remember my holiday but also for your benefit. I hope this and the following posts help you to learn about new places and choose safe places to go on holiday! As always...

Lots of love


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