30 Facts About Me

Lately, I've been really dry in my well of ideas (that sounded better in my head to be honest) but recently i've had a whirlwind of ideas fluttering back and fourth through my brain. So what did I do? You may ask. I got my nerdy little blog ideas book out and wrote them all down. So here's one of them! Some people (including myself) could class this as being really self centred but I suppose this is my blog, so you can accept maybe one extremely self centred post. I have some more Christmassy ones coming up though.

  1. I have blue eyes, in some lights they look grey, which is cool.
  2. I have long strawberry blonde hair.
  3. I am left handed.
  4. I spend at least 70% of my day in my pyjamas.
  5. My mum has nicknamed my big toes as cyclops toes because they are of an extremely large proportion compared to my other toes.
  6. One of my primary school teachers had to call home because I had told my other classmates that cat eyes (in the roads) are actually living cats buried in the cement with only their eyes showing. (that was a story my dad had told me, I wasn't that morbid)
  7. Nearly all of the joints in my body click upon movement which has lead to me pretty much be addicted to clicking my spine. (gross I know)
  8. I despise baked beans and cheese, especially the smell which I can never escape at work.
  9. I don't have my ears pierced.
  10. I'm pretty sure I used to wet the bed until I was 11.
  11. I am 5' 2.5", now that 0.5 inches is extremely important.
  12. I keep my Christmas mattress cover on all year round (it still gets washed don't worry) I just cant resist the little reindeers.
  13. I have a black long haired Syrian hamster called Boris. I have no idea whether she is a boy or a girl so she gets called any pronoun in my house.
  14. Following on form the last one is that I have had over 9 pets throughout my 15 years of life. I don't know the exact number because my parents replaced many goldfish for at least 3-4 years.
  15. I am a quitter. Over the years I have done Tai Kwan Do, Gymnastics, Tap dancing, Hockey, and learnt piano and none of them I stuck with.
  16. I am not fond of buses or any sort of transport.
  17. If you give me something of value, there is a 60% chance I will break it. This is why I have a protective phone case, tempered glass screen protector and a pop socket on my phone to make sure I don't drop it.
  18. I cant decide what my favourite colour is so I say blue.
  19. My favourite flowers are tulips.
  20. I eat my cereal without milk, or water. yep... dry.
  21. I want to live in France, I have learnt French for over 4 and a half years and I still only really know what ferme la bouche means, (that's shut your mouth if you don't want to google translate)
  22. My favourite film is The Proposal. I just love Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
  23. When I was about 9 or 10 a spider walked over my face when I was in bed  and now I am terrified of them.
  24. I am really bad at finishing hot drinks, it doesn't matter if you give me a really small one I will hardly ever finish it.
  25. I am an extremely empathetic person so one of my favourite sayings is "it isn't a good film if you don't cry"
  26. I am really bad at arguing. To try and help this I rehears arguments while I'm in the shower but when I go to confront the person I get muddled up and say the wrong bit or something. The same for jokes, I can almost never tell a joke without accidentally muddling it up and saying the wrong bit.
  27. I have a thing about going in the sea alone and when I do go in the sea, I cant be the person who is the furthest out. I have this theory that if there is a shark, they will get the person who is furthest out which would give me, and the other people a chance to get back to shore. So I always have to make sure that I am not the furthest person out to sea. (yes stupid I know)
  28. My favourite number is 8.
  29. My dream car is a Fiat 500.
  30. And lastly, I am an open book, you spend a day with me and you will go home knowing all sorts of things about me. I suppose that's why I chose to do this as a blog post.
Thanks for reading! Tell me about you too! Byee xxx


  1. Hi Lottie! That one about favourite colours is true for me too, so I just say red! The Life and Times has been a bit hard to run as I've been away (It's summer holidays here), but hopefully I can get it up to speed after christmas! Love your blog :)

    1. Hi Grace! I agree, there are way too many colours for us to choose! Take your time with your blog, only your best ideas will come when you are happy and stress free. So don't stress it!!! I wish I had some sunshine, I'm a bit jealous of you! Love your blog too! :)


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