What I Got For Christmas

Wow Wow Wow, Am I the only one who thought Christmas went fast. I think it always does though. So to keep the Christmas spirit alive, I thought I would share what I got from "Father Christmas" and my family and Friends. I'll show you a picture and then say a little about each item (you know I am blatantly lying to you because everyone knows I cant say anything little, of course! I'll give you a dose of ChatterBoxLottie blabber!) I haven't included every little thing because a lot of them were little Knick knacks or inside jokes my family has. Also i'm pretty sure you don't want to see the pants I received either, just a little too much info there right? 

To start, if you know me well then you know I will spend every possible second I can in pyjamas or comfy clothes. For example when I get home from school I don't change into jeans and a t-shirt, I get into my pyjamas and then change into "real" clothes if I have anywhere to go. "Father Christmas" understands this and I woke up to see the pleasure of comfy lounge wear and to show you some of my favourite items, the "dreamer" pyjamas and the "Minnie" fluffy life givers. I say life givers because they simply GIVE ME LIFE. Another favourite I might say is my Michael Kors bag, no it is not authentic because I would not ask my Nan for a bag that costs over £100. Maybe when I am older, in a stable job with my own independent life I will save up for a real Michael Kors bag, but this one will do for now. And it doesn't even look that fake! It may not be as structured as an authentic one and the handles my be delicate but I will cherish this bag. Again, from "Father Christmas" is this grey hat. Did I regret to mention my love for the colour grey? I came across this one when shopping for my sisters presents form "father Christmas" I came across a black one for my sister and begged for a grey one for me too. I suppose its good being able to dictate what I receive when my mum shops for my sister while with me.

Here, I have to say is one of my most useful and convenient presents so far. I desperately needed a new case and I constantly drop my phone so my parents or "father Christmas" invested in a new case and a pop socket too! It may also be the best occupier too. Since the 25th I have not stopped fiddling with the pop socket, I pop it up and pop it down. I think its driving my family crazy to be honest!

From my sister, I received these little goodies. To start, I have already worn the lipsticks to death so thanks sis I love them, she also gave me a mug with my name on it because I kept stealing hers. (its horrible not having a mug with your name on) And to finish off this segment, she got me some makeup brushes which have already come in handy while filling in my eyebrows. I use the slanted one for my pigment, the one with the grey metal part for concealer around my brows and the one with the rose gold handle for highlighting the brow bone.

And for my actual lastly, here is a mixture of my last favourite gifts. I'll start with the one I am using right now, my parents bought me a Bluetooth speaker which I have not stopped using and for a small speaker, this one packs some sound! From "father Christmas" I received the Laroc Beginners collection eyeshadow pallet that I have cherished like a new-born. (but even more because I don't trust myself with a new-born, I have butter fingers so this one stays away from edges and doesn't stay in my hands for more than 10 seconds to minimise all chances of dropping, falling or smashing) Also some new brushes to go with it as my old ones fell apart on their last wash, they have had a superglue-ing from dad but I don't think they will survive another wash. A sewing kit, also from "father Christmas" which I have not left along, I made a pair of trousers and gloves for my teddy, plus a pillow for it because 1) I will never be too old to play with my teddy's and 2) I am releasing the crafty side of myself to make the most of my holidays.

From the Bestie, she bought me a well colour coordinated present of the Girl Online Book (orange) and the Real Techniques beauty sponge (also orange, its so satisfying they are both the same shade of orange too!) which I now find essential for impeccable foundation application.

Throughout my friendship group, we did a secret santa (or secret Sandra because why not! and autocorrect is a b*tch) for my secret santa I received a BEAUTIFUL Revolution pallet which leaves me spoilt for choice on which eyeshadow to wear.

I haven't included every little present I received because we really would be here all day and I have beauty sleep to catch up on but I am extremely grateful for the presents I have received. (I'm not just saying this because my family and friends read my blog because they don't, and they don't know about it except from the Bestie, I just want to remind myself when I read this back later on (in life) (ooooh brackets inside brackets! is that even allowed?)to see that I was thankful)

Bye Dolls! I hope you all enjoyed your Christmases and enjoy the new years too! Ciao for now! xxx


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