Christmas Festivities

Hello and Merry Christmas! Are you excited? Because I am! I thought it was about time to show how I've helped myself to get into the Christmas spirit. Baking! Although I may not feel festive now it's Christmas Eve-Eve and I may have shamelessly (more like shamefully) let myself lie in bed until 3:00pm and not completed any revision, wrapping of presents, or even walked the dog. I think I will leave it until it gets dark so we can go out on an exciting stroll in the dark, or not, I don't want to be kidnapped. Something that may be considered productive is that I've completed 2 whole seasons of Grey's Anatomy which included sobbing about the death of Denny at 12:00am and my sister catching it on video. The video wasn't all that accurate and now I sound like a crack cocaine addict. I had all these plans for the day before I went to sleep yesterday. I said to myself " tomorrow, ill get up early, go for a run, wrap all the presents I need to, do some revision, take the dog for a walk, tidy my room". None of that has happened though, I suppose we all need a day to relax, or a day to lounge around wrapped in blankets with unbrushed hair and a pile of laundry needing to be put away.

Currently, my dad is getting into the Christmas spirit by listening to Desperado by the Eagles (I think, don't quote me on that) and my sister is also having a lazy day buy snuggling with the dog (also in bed).  My mum will be having a good chat with the customers about what we are doing on Christmas day. It's not going to be the best Christmas this year either, that's why I've been a little reluctant to get too excited and be disappointed. Both my dad and sister are at work on Christmas day and my mum Christmas eve so I'm the only one that doesn't have to work. I suppose it's quite nice working at a small family owned business. I work with my neighbour and her Mother-in-law in a small cafĂ© in my village. They don't want to spend their Christmas working so we decided to shut two weeks before Christmas and a week after too. I don't have to work till next year!

I'll include the link to the blog where I found the recipe for my Christmas Pudding Chocolate Cakes.
All you have to do Is click here! Snazzy, I'm getting all technological now! Are you proud!

I've been pondering on what sort of Christmassy blog posts I should do and I was just wondering whether a what I go for Christmas post would be interesting? I'm quite a nosey person so that's the sort of thing I would like to see but everyone is different so I just thought I'd ask. I was going to do a what I got my family for Christmas post but I wrapped most of my presents now and some of my family read this blog which would spoil the surprise so it's not an option any more unfortunately.

I hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a Happy New Year! Tell me your plans, as I'm nosey you know I want to know! Bye! ❤


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