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In this very second of me clicking off my ICT spec tab to making a very stupid move of writing this new post. (no offence) I may well be setting myself up to fail. I have an ICT exam tomorrow, starting at 9:00 am and among the wad of flashcards I am sifting through, the stack of notebooks I keep scribbling in, somehow, I click to my blog for some consolidation. It has occurred to me that the very thing I am telling you not to do in this post, I am currently doing right this second.

Take every chance that you get. Don't waste the time you have on things you will have forgotten in years to come. I understand that you have probably been told this a thousand times throughout your school life but really, just telling you won't sort it out. You need to realise this for yourself, just as I have. A couple weeks ago, I realised that if I put in enough effort with this exam,  I could tick one exam off my list, have one less to do overall. The thing is, it doesn't matter how much people tell you. You could set a Google reminder to tell you everyday but I still don't think it would make a difference. I think it is in your personality, part of who you are.

As we have come into 2017, and my exams being four and a half months away. It has literally taken until now for me to realise what I was in for, and to take it seriously. Some of my other friends agree, and others were serious about it months ago. It was time I realised that it was up to me, myself to make sure I got the grades I need for what I want to do. And even now I sound like a hypocrite, telling you to take every chance that you get when I am the one on my computer blabbering away when I have T minus 14 hours until an exam (do I sound like I'm freaking out, because i am and I don't even care about ICT that much anyway!). Now I'm not saying that ICT is most important to me, but while I have the chance, it would be stupid to abuse such a volume of time when I have it. It would then bring the stress around four nearly five months later, what a waste. Now, it is up to me to make sure I have memorised every English Language subject terminology, and to make sure I know all my Maths formulas. I need to be able to trust myself that I have used all of my time wisely. I think we all owe it to ourselves to do the best we can. If anything, I know exactly what it is like, to come back from school and want to do nothing but lounge around watching T.V shows, leaving it until the very last minute to revise and not even getting a decent grade while at it.

This will be an extremely tough, tedious year. But, we have to face it. I for one (although I may not sound like I know what I am saying) am not confident at all. I am practically sh*tting myself thinking about what it will be like.

Find fun ways to revise, now instead of quotes from Macbeth, I have a world map hung up on my wall. I have labelled all of the tectonic plates, distribution of volcanos and coral reefs, water currents and whether each country/ continent is of a High income, Middle income, Low income or Poor income. Also, my sister previously did geography for her GCSEs and therefore understand the meanings and remembers parts of the units so occasionally I ask her to test me. This could be if we walk along the beach, or on a car journey. It is just those little things that help you to reiterate back over things to keep them in your memory.

Okay, I really should be getting off. I hope this post is comprehendible, I guess I should get a little more than four hours of sleep tonight. (I cant help that the plane crashed in Grey's Anatomy, I guess the adrenaline made me stay awake) Please wish me luck, I think there is a 60% chance of me passing this exam. (wow look at me begging for luck!) Okay, byeee! xxx


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